Our Team

  • Jonathan Chaimberg

    Jonathan Chaimberg Trainer / Owner

    JONATHAN CHAIMBERG is one of the most dedicated and respected trainers/strength coaches in North America. He has been training both elite athletes and the general public for over 15 years. A former national wrestler, he is now the strength coach for many athletes on Canada\'s National Wrestling team. In addition, Jonathan trains some of mixed martial arts and hockey\'s most accomplished athletes preparing innovative programs for their benefits. In the last few years, he has added to his already impressive clientele list, including Georges St-Pierre, Jakub Voracek, Rory MacDonald, Jiri Hudler, Kris Letang, Rashad Evans, Vasek Pospisil, Jean Pascal, Martine Dugrenier, Gia Missouri, Brandon Prust, Anthony Duclair and Eric Gelinas. He trains athletes in the NHL, MLB, World Tennis association, MMA and the world Boxing Association. Mr Chaimberg is also the strength and conditioning editor of Canada\'s #1 fitness magazine \"Inside Fitness \" Some of his fitness programs have been featured on UFC Primetime as well as the Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. He has also filmed clips for ESPN.


    ÁNGEL ZAZO Trainer

    Certified functional strength coach, Angel Zazo is in constant search of the most effective and innovative forms of training. Whether applying his creative design to personally tailored training programs or to his lively strength and conditioning circuits, he is devoted to keeping his clients smiling and helping them achieve their goals. He takes great pride in keeping his sessions fun, interesting and non-repetitive. Angel grew up in the Dominican Republic where he practiced many sports and developed his passion for understanding the human body. There, he was a teacher of physical education and Shito Ryu Karate and self-defense, being a 3rd degree black belt in both disciplines. Now living in Canada he has developed his career in the fitness world as a trainer at APC gym, under the mentorship of Jon Chaimberg. He is strength and conditioning coach to soccer players from the MLS, CPL, and LDF and is part of the training camp for UFC fighter, Alex ``The Dominican Nightmare`` Garcia.

  • Jeff Lam

    Jeff Lam Trainer

    Jeff Lam is a certified functional strength coach and a former elite soccer player that played until college for the Dawson Blues. After a serious knee injury, he decided to stop playing and focus on his academics where he graduated from Concordia University in Sports management in 2011. While doing his rehab, Jeff got passionate about body mechanics, how the human body moves in general and discovered the strength and conditioning world. Jeff comes from the Mauritius Island and travelling was always part of his passions as well. After graduating from Concordia, Jeff traveled across South East Asia to learn more on different cultures and explore different methods of training. Upon his return, realizing that his passion was to help and motivate people to reach their fitness goals, Jeff was ready to start a new chapter in his life in the strength and conditioning world. Under the supervision of Jon Chaimberg, Jeff Lam is now a trainer at APC, where he gets to assist professional athletes as well as regular clients.

  • Dominic Bakayoko

    Dominic Bakayoko Trainer

    Dominic Bakayoko is a certified strength coach. He incorporates functional training in his workouts, making sure that each workout helps clients improve physical performance outside the gym. He has played sports all his life and developed a passion for athletism early on. He started his journey at APC as a member, and soon after interned for Jon Chaimberg. He strives to make each workout a challenging learning experience, ensuring clients know how to properly perform exercises along with ensuing benefits. He believes exercise is fundamental to living a well-balanced life and truly enjoys helping other people.

  • Maddy Jovani

    Maddy Jovani Trainer

    Maddy Jovani discovered her passion for health and fitness at a young age. After years of playing team sports, she fell in love with training and is passionate about helping others adopt a healthy lifestyle of their own. She is a nationally qualified bikini competitor, placing 1st in Quebec (taking home the Overall Bikini title), and placing 2nd in all of Canada in 2017. Through her training, she developed and exceptional attention to detail and truly learned how to sculpt the human body through exercise and diet. Looking to take her training to the next level, Maddy came to APC where she was mentored by Jon Chaimberg. She broadened her aesthetic-based style of training to incorporate more functional movements and learned what it takes to become a strength and conditioning coach. She is extremely attentive to her clients` unique needs to ensure that every session is carefully tailored to their goals. Constantly seeking new and creative ways to keep workouts fun and interesting. She has a natural ability of motivating others and helps clients overcome mental and physical barriers. As a very compassionate person, she has always wanted to help others gain self-confidence. She considers APC staff and members to be her second family and hopes to make every client feel the same way. She seeks to teach every client how to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle while looking and feeling their best!

  • Pascale Jean

    Pascale Jean Trainer

    Pascales mission is to make people feel comfortable and confident in their skin as much in the gym, as in everyday life. On top of this, she aims to teach proper form while avoiding injury. Her journey at APC began as a member here. Right from the start, she developed a passion for physical training. She then started interning for Jon and grew to become the trainer that she is today! She hopes to inspire others like APC has done for her!