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Agility Ladder exercises video with Kris Letang and PJ Stock sponsored by The Treadmill Factory! Why is i...
February 2nd 2014
You can now reserve your spot for APC classes at EZ Facility! Simply create and account and register to b...
May 21th 2013
Jonathan Chaimberg is going to share his knowledge and philosophies in a seminar on March 17th. Buy your ...
March 8 2013
We had the chance to welcome and impress Suzie Villeneuve at the training center for her V Télé report....
January 4th 2013

APC Training for everyone

Adrenaline Performance Center opens its doors to the public in the form of memberships, classes and personal training sessions for all training levels as long as you are commited to improving your results. Classes are a great way to get introduced to the gym, the trainers, the equipment and the routines.

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